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Surveillance visit confirms continuation of AS 9100

AS9100D-certified.gif31 Oct 2023 Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) has informed us, that we can continue our AS 9100 certification. We have reached this milestone and have also been able to further optimise our processes. We are very proud to announce that no nonconformaties were found during the audit!

As an injection moulder for the aerospace industry, we face enormous challenges, but we are able to meet the high expectations in this industry. full story

Yet another addition to our factory: a new materials warehouse

Materialenmagazijn 202315 May 2023 After completing an new warehouse in 2020, early 2023 the construction of an additional warehouse, dedicated to materials and semi-finished products, was started. You can see it grow in only half a minute!

Pekago's rapid growth in recent years made external storage necessary. This caused a lot of unwanted, daily relocating. As from May 2023 however, all materials, like f.i. granulate and masterbatches, are now centrally situated directly next to our production facility. This warehouse can accomodate an extra 1.250 palles. full story

Mould maintenance: Let every mould work like a charm

Geerts Maykel en Luttikhuis PJ 175x85.jpg17 Jan 2023 Proper maintenance of injection moulds is essential to ensure the consistent quality of the plastic components. Moulds are exposed to acute forces and high temperatures during production. Our mould makers will pamper them to prevent damage.

Maykel Geerts and Pieter-Jan Luttikhuis are happy to talk about what this pampering involves in their blog on our website. full story

Design Guide: painting of injection moulded parts

Hangend lakken 185x90.jpg01 Oct 2022 "Perfect injection moulding is not necessary, as the paint will hide any errors."

This is partly true. But accounting for post-processing work during the design and production of the plastic part can usually avoid high costs later. full story

Flexibel monitor arm for ergonomic mobile workstation

Monitorarm Alphatron CLOSE UP ui blauw ls.png29 Jun 2020 For Alphatron Medical Innovations, Pekago has built so-called medication boxes (boxes with drawers) for AMiS for many years. We manufacture the injection-moulded parts, which we then finish, paint, process and assemble, and we install the electronics.

We now also make the housing components of the monitor arm for the AMiS workstation. This monitor arm increases the ergonomicity of the workstation and consequently the working comfort. full story

Impact-resistant housing for parking ticket machines

Designa parkeerautomaat betalen20 Jun 2020 The German company Designa Verkehrsleittechnik GmbH supplies fully automated parking management systems to cities, hospitals and (international) airports. Pekago made the (impact-resistant) housing for their latest modular car park entry and exit terminal “PM Abacus” using thermoplastic foam casting. full story

Also true for the healthcare sector: 3D-printed products are there sooner, but injection moulding is quicker

Korton spatmasker compilatie ui.png30 May 2020 In recent months, face masks have allowed healthcare staff to work in close proximity to patients and inpatients in order to administer proper care and minimise the risk of infection. However, high demand has resulted in a shortage of face masks and many healthcare institutions were unable to get hold of them!

Until recently, Korton Group just supplied IT solutions to healthcare institutions. But because of the shortage of face masks, they decided, together with some partners, to expand and print masks with a 3D printer. Though they were quickly able to scale up production to 600 masks a week, which alleviated the initial need, the need turned out to be much greater than expected. full story

"Plastics are essential for achieving the CO2 targets for the aerospace industry"

Thorsen Hermann 150 x 75.png05 Mar 2020 “I dare to say that plastics will be increasingly used in the aerospace industry in the future. Plastics have important properties that traditional aircraft materials, such as aluminium, cannot compete with”. Speaking was Hermann Thorsen, our key account manager for Aircraft Interiors. In this blog, he speaks about the applications of plastics in the aircraft industry. full story

Inserts in plastic: "more than a hole for a screw"

Rijpert Jan m machientje 8x13 vaag.png05 Mar 2020 “Inserts can literally make or break a plastic product”, laughed Jan Rijpert, our expert in the assembly of plastic components at Pekago for 28 years now. "Depending on the function and the requirements for the future use of the product, the type of insert to be used in assembly is considered as early as the design phase". full story

Pekago expands – our new warehouse is ready!

Magazijn nieuw leeg05 Feb 2020 Pekago is growing strongly and so there was an urgent need for more space. In recent months, a new warehouse had been built next to our factory with enough space to store 2,500 pallets.

Watch in only 30 seconds how the warehouse was built! full story

Mould flow analysis predicts a lot about the process of injection moulding plastic products

Moldflow algemene afbeelding 160x75.png25 Jun 2019 During a mould flow analysis, it is digitally simulated how a mould will function and how this can be optimized by adjusting the various variables. And that even before the mould has actually been made! In this way, the injection moulding process can be accurately adjusted before it has even started. full story

Think plastic, think Pekago!

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