Engineering injection moulding components

Our team of engineers is at your service to turn your plastic housing or technical component into a perfect injection-moulded component. Our engineers are specialists when it comes to the injection moulding, TFC and coating of plastic.


Manufacturability analysis

Are the plastic components suitable for injection moulding? Has ejection been incorporated throughout? Are the wall thickness ratios in order? During this initial phase, the components are subjected to a thorough analysis. We will present our recommendations to further improve your product. This helps prevent any disappointment upon delivery of the first batch of finished products.


A detailed design brief

We will record every last detail so you know exactly what to expect: is there a risk of collapse, what material is used, what is the mould’s guaranteed lifespan? Our mutual responsibilities are clearly outlined in a detailed design brief to avoid any surprises.


Project management

Our engineers serve as your point of contact during the entire process from engineering to initial delivery. You will receive regular updates about the status of your project and can be assured of short lines of communication. Our engineers will stay involved until you are entirely satisfied with your injection-moulded product.


Specialists in injection moulding

Our engineering services are not limited to the above. We conduct regular mould-flow and warpage analyses, offer advice about the type of plastic to use and help our clients optimise their product and mould designs.


Engineering tools in 3D

Our engineers use the latest version of the best engineering software on the market. This helps us avoid conversion errors and create the best 3D file for the production of the mould. 

Think plastic, think Pekago!

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