Injection moulding, TFC, coating and assembly of your plastic housings and technical components

Moulds for injection moulding and TFC

We oversee the design and production of all injection moulding moulds ourselves. We make sure that your moulds are suitable for the task at hand. In order to avoid any unwanted surprises along the way, we will draw up a detailed design brief together.


Mould ownership

Your mould fro injection moulding is your property – always. It goes without saying that we will look after your mould as long as it is being used for the production of your plastic injection-moulded or TFC products.


Optimised quality for injection moulding and TFC

We will of course optimise your mould for injection moulding at our own production site. However, your mould will always be suitable for production in Europe. The quality of the mould will be tailored to the required lifespan, type of plastic, suitability for TFC or injection moulding, complexity and any other wishes you may have.


Standard partners for injection-moulds

Your mould will be produced by our standard partners in Europe and Asia. Our engineers draw up the mould’s exact specifications and leave nothing to chance. Even in Asia, we always inspect the mould’s performance and suitability for production at Pekago and make sure that injection moulded parts can effortlessly be produced with a consistent level of quality.


What do you get?

In addition to the mould itself, you will always receive a full overview of requirements, several initial TFC or injection-moulded products, a set of finished products (with coating and assembly parts, if necessary), a measurement report and proof of ownership of the mould. Your mould is insured against fire and transport damage for the duration of the production process.

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Quick start with injection moulding

Making a good injection mould takes time. It is tempting to start mould construction as soon as possible after receiving the assignment.

However, experience shows that we can prevent errors by carefully going through the details of the product designs and assessing the mould design. We make sure that the first injection moulded products from the mould (almost) fully comply with your expectations.

Our customers tell us that these first products are often much better than those they usually receive from other injection moulders. That way, we save a lot of time in the optimisation process.

After the injection moulds have been manufactured in Asia, the standard procedure is to ship them to the Netherlands. Airfreight is a very fast, but also very expensive and environmentally unfriendly option. The train is increasingly being used as an alternative. It stops more or less at our front door and is a lot faster than a cargo ship.


Mould transfers

There are several reasons why an existing mould (which may have been used in a production process for years already) would be transferred from one injection moulding company to another.

For example, we have seen some colleague-injection moulders decide to start focusing on a different market. In other cases, clients wanted their entire production process to take place locally or wanted to consolidate their activities.

Some colleagues prefer to focus on producing large annual volumes and ignore the manufacture of spare parts. Whatever the case may be, we can always discuss the option of transferring your moulds to Pekago.

Think plastic, think Pekago!

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