Research & development in the plastics processing sector

Developments in the plastics sector happen at a breakneck pace. Pekago stays up-to-date by regularly researching various aspects of injection moulding, TFC, coating and finishing. We quickly adopt innovative technologies in order to offer our clients a consistently wide range of top-quality services.



As an addition to TFC, we are exploring the possibilities of Mucell. The potential applications of this technique include the production of components for the aviation sector, where TFC may no longer be used.


The use of carbon

In both the aviation and the medical equipment sectors, there is a strong interest in the combination of injection-moulded components with carbon. Carbon is strong, rigid, light and offers excellent permeability to X-rays. However, it is not as easy to shape as plastic. We have conducted various trials and discussed the results with our clients and suppliers. If you are interested in the possibilities of using carbon, we would be happy to tell you more. 



Hybrid Gas Assisted Production: a new technology that combines TFC with the advantages of gas injection. This makes it possible to e.g. create a skin that is similar to an injection-moulded surface. Pekago has conducted research into this technique. We would be happy to discuss the results and possibilities with you.


Spuitgieten van wolfram als vervanging van lood
This research has already moved to the production stage: we use injection moulding to produce tungsten plates with a plastic support. Tungsten serves as a substitute for the environmentally harmful use of lead, while being more affordable and offering similar protection against radiation.

Think plastic, think Pekago!

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