Injection moulding, TFC, coating and assembly of your plastic housings and technical components

Injection moulding of plastic housings and components

Pekago offers a wide range of options when it comes to injection moulding. At our production site in Goirle, we use machines ranging from 15 to 2,100 tonnes to produce plastic housings and technical components.


Production in the Netherlands

We produce all injection-moulded products at our own production site in the Netherlands. Based on the client’s wishes, we can also provide finishing and coating services. Although we often outsource the production of moulds to Asia, this does not apply to the products themselves. We deliberately choose to handle all injection moulding activities ourselves in order to safeguard the required quality and delivery times.


Injection moulding machines for plastic housings and technical components

We use top-of-the-line injection moulding machines that all feature robot extraction and the right auxiliary equipment. We process technical and high-performance plastics that may or may not be glass-filled or possess special properties. We handle our coating activities in our own high-tech coating booths.


What kinds of injection-moulded products do we produce?

Pekago produces plastic housings and technical injection moulded parts for a number of sectors. We produce small series for e.g. the aviation and medical sectors and larger series for industrial and analysis equipment, among other things. The markets we operate in complement each other very well and are all characterised by their high demands in terms of quality and annual production volume.


A focus on housings and components produced in medium-sized series

When it comes to injection moulding, our main focus is on the production of components for the aforementioned sectors and products that have to meet strict requirements. Additionally, we offer in-house coating and assembly services.


Design Guide for plastic parts

Please find our guidelines for designing products for injection moulding and structural foam moulding here. Purpose of this document ist to help engineers optimize their product for given techniques.

Think plastic, think Pekago!

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