Assembly of plastic components

Pekago is an all-rounder when it comes to plastic housings. This means we offer a range of options to make your plastic housing or technical component a success. In addition to injection moulding, TFC and coating, we also offer assembly services. You are welcome to visit us at our production site in Goirle to discuss the possibilities.


Assembly of components

We can assemble your plastic housing and add metal inserts, magnets, hinges or other components. If you want, we can have these components in stock and assemble your products on order. In some cases, we add components before the product comes out of the mould and encase the plastic component to create a perfect connection.


Assembly of PCBs

Our production site in Goirle is equipped with ESD-safe workspaces where we can install electronic components. We can conduct tests and record the quality of each product in a fully traceable manner.


Ultrasonic welding

For several of our clients, we assemble plastic components by welding them together. We use ultrasonic welding equipment by Branson for this.



We offer in-house pad-printing services. For other printing techniques, we work together with standard partners.


Machining plastic components

Milling, lathing or drilling: sometimes, it makes more economic sense to add a machining step and use a simpler mould. In other cases, the required tolerances are smaller than what can be achieved with injection moulding. That is why we offer in-house machining services for plastic components using e.g. a five-axis milling machine.


Integral assembly

Which parts do you want to have delivered ready for use and which do you want to assemble yourself? Using a wide range of examples, we can discuss the most economically viable solutions with you.

Think plastic, think Pekago!

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