Injection moulding, TFC, coating and assembly of your plastic housings and technical components

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Quality management for high-grade plastic components

Pekago is ISO 9001 certified. This certification allows us to deliver consistent quality in accordance with standard procedures and work instructions in everything we do: engineering, mould construction, injection moulding, coating and finishing. Other – stricter – standards (AS 9100 D and ISO 13485) enable us to meet the highest quality requirements in specific sectors. 


ISO 9001

All activities pertaining to engineering, mould construction, injection moulding, TFC and assembly are certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard.


AS9100 D

Due to our activities in the aviation sector, we are certified according to AS9100 D (equal to EN 9100:2016 and JISQ 9100 - 2016). Having and maintaining this standard is a requirement for e.g. producers of injection-moulded aerospace components.

This standard goes beyond the ISO 9001 standard and guarantees the effectiveness of the quality-management system. Our clients in the aviation sector are not the only ones who benefit from our compliance with this standard; clients in the medical technology and industrial equipment sectors also reap the rewards of this increasingly strict certification.

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ISO 13485

How can you eliminate risks to patients and users of medical equipment when producing injection-moulded products? Our ISO 13485 certification helps us – in collaboration with our clients – to avoid potential problems as early as the development stage, even when it comes to equipment that is tested in accordance with the IEC-60601 standard. 



You can find more information on specific technology, projects and methods in our whitepapers.

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