Injection moulding, TFC, coating and assembly of your plastic housings and technical components


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How to buy the right mould

If you require parts that are made using injection moulding or thermoplastic foam casting (TFC) (also known as Structural Foam Moulding (SFM)), then you will need moulds. So how do you choose the right mould?

This is (often) a difficult question to answer. With this whitepaper we would like to give you a helping hand.

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Plan for successful mould transfer

More and more companies are deciding to reassign the manufacture of their strategic purchase components to another manufacturer for instance to produce locally. If it concerns plastic components, then it goes without saying that the moulds and other production resources will have to be relocated (transferred) to the new supplier.

To ensure overview in this complicated process, our manual provides a handy tool.

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How injection compression moulding yields excellent lens performance

As the first Dutch nursery to do so, Ter Laak was able to build and run the innovative and energy-saving Daylight Greenhouse. Thank in part to the Fresnel lenses produced by Pekago using compression injection moulding, an energy saving of no less than 50% was achieved with the building of the Daylight Greenhouse. 

Read how the engineering firm Technokas, the German mould builder Hofmann and Pekago worked together to realize the Fresnel lenses. 

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Coating of plastic - integrated approach

There are various reasons for the coating of plastic, for example to enhance the appearance of a plastic product, or to protect the product against the effects of light, corrosion or (aggressive) cleansing agents. Every plastic and every purpose requires a special approach.

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Manufacturability of plastic parts

A functional, good-looking and reproducible plastic product; that should be the result of a good cooperation between customer and supplier. In many cases, the function and design are determined by the customer or their design agency.

Subsequently the manufacturability of the design must be tested: can the product actually be developed as it was conceived?

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Business Case Medication Box

The AMiS-medicationbox has been designed to meet the need for a good, lockable and electronically secured medication module. Pekago is a partner for the plastic parts and complex assembly. Read the process to the end-product in this business case.

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Pekago Design Guide – Plastic Parts

A number of standard guidelines apply to a design for plastic products. In this design guide we have listed the basic principles for the development of plastic parts and housings, suitable for plastic injection and SFM (Structural Foam Moulding).

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