Injection moulding, TFC, coating and assembly of your plastic housings and technical components

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Injection moulding

From 15 to 2,100 tonnes: we can produce the quantity you want of any plastic housing or injection moulded part you could wish for at a location near you.

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Thermoplastic foam casting (or structural foam moulding) is the perfect injection moulding technique for producing plastic housings, self-supporting platforms and technical components with dimensions of up to 1.5 metres.

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We can give your injection-moulded and TFC products a perfect finish, a chemically resistant coating or electromagnetic protection.

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We handle the assembly of injection moulded parts, metal inserts, magnets, hinges or other components at our own production site. The same goes for printing and ultrasonic welding.

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We can produce the right mould for your injection-moulded or TFC products. Ownership, lifespan and functionality are always guaranteed.

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Our in-house team of engineers is at your service to turn your plastic housing or technical component into a perfect injection-moulded component.

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Flexibel monitor arm for ergonomic mobile workstation

Monitorarm Alphatron CLOSE UP ui blauw ls.png29 Jun 2020 For Alphatron Medical Innovations, Pekago has built so-called medication boxes (boxes with drawers) for AMiS for many years. We manufacture the injection-moulded parts, which we then finish, paint, process and assemble, and we install the electronics.

We now also make the housing components of the monitor arm for the AMiS workstation. This monitor arm increases the ergonomicity of the workstation and consequently the working comfort. full story

Impact-resistant housing for parking ticket machines

Designa parkeerautomaat betalen20 Jun 2020 The German company Designa Verkehrsleittechnik GmbH supplies fully automated parking management systems to cities, hospitals and (international) airports. Pekago made the (impact-resistant) housing for their latest modular car park entry and exit terminal “PM Abacus” using thermoplastic foam casting. full story
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