Injection moulding, TFC, coating and assembly of your plastic housings and technical components

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Injection moulding

From 15 to 2,100 tonnes: we can produce the quantity you want of any plastic housing or injection moulded part you could wish for at a location near you.

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Thermoplastic foam casting (or structural foam moulding) is the perfect injection moulding technique for producing plastic housings, self-supporting platforms and technical components with dimensions of up to 1.5 metres.

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We can give your injection-moulded and TFC products a perfect finish, a chemically resistant coating or electromagnetic protection.

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We handle the assembly of injection moulded parts, metal inserts, magnets, hinges or other components at our own production site. The same goes for printing and ultrasonic welding.

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We can produce the right mould for your injection-moulded or TFC products. Ownership, lifespan and functionality are always guaranteed.

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Our in-house team of engineers is at your service to turn your plastic housing or technical component into a perfect injection-moulded component.

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Large machines. Large moulds. Large products.

Coelho Jose voor grote matrijzen bw vg 2 ui 80x60 20240624_110302.png08 Jul 2024 Injection molding of large products naturally requires the use of large molds and large machines. Injection molding remains the same process, but very large molds require some adjustments in the processes. The heaviest mold we work with weighs around 20,000 kg. You can't just set that aside or place it into a machine without preparations.

But then you get something impressive: we produce with molds up to 2.10 x 1.30 m, creating products weighing around 20 kg of plastic (*). And that's a nice challenge for José Coelho, our production manager. In this blog, he enjoyes talking about his work. full story

Summer closure 2024

Zomersluiting 2024 UK.png06 Jun 2024 Our annual summer closure for maintenance and vacation.

Please take this into account when placing your orders. full story
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