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Coating injection-moulded or TFC components

We use our own people and equipment for the coating of plastic housings and technical components. We coat the injection-moulded and TFC products that we produce ourselves in order to create the perfect finish or add a chemically resistant layer or electromagnetic protection.


Solvent- or water-based coatings

You can choose the type, quality and structure of the coating you want us to apply. Beforehand, we will sit down with you to discuss your requirements and wishes to ensure that the products we deliver meet your quality standards. Pekago works together with renowned coating suppliers such as Manckiewicz and has extensive experience with the coating of e.g. medical equipment and components used in airplane interiors. Depending on your requirements and wishes, we will use solvent or water-based coatings.


In-house coating shop

Pekago handles the coating of its plastic injection-moulded and TFC products in house. To do so, we have a team of experienced coaters and our own state-of-the-art coating shop that comes equipped with the latest technological features. Because we do our own injection moulding, TFC and coating, we can make sure that the various stages of the production process are carefully coordinated. This will result in perfectly coated end products every single time.


The right coating for injection moulding and TFC

Coating requires experience, expertise and the right work environment. Pekago provides the necessary conditions to realise the desired quality, even for recurring coating projects. Our coating experts are at your services to answer any question you may have. Feel free to stop by to look at examples of our work and discuss the possibilities we offer.

Think plastic, think Pekago!

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