Injection moulding, TFC, coating and assembly of your plastic housings and technical components

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Corporate social responsibility: our employees first and foremost

Isn’t that: The customer comes first? Obviously, all our activities focus on optimally serving our customers. But you cannot, of course, serve customers well without having motivated staff, and that includes injection-moulding machine operators, paint shop staff, staff on the assembly line and office workers.

Socially engaged

We are committed to creating and maintaining a good working environment for our staff. Staff turnover at Pekago is extremely low, and new staff are generally only hired as a result of healthy company growth.

Pekago operates as an approved work placement company in which we are able to train professionals in various positions. We also work together with the Municipality of Tilburg to facilitate the participation of people with disabilities and status holders. Furthermore, we sponsor local activities and clubs, such as Voab Football Club in Goirle.

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