Injection moulding, TFC, coating and assembly of your plastic housings and technical components

Large injection-moulded and thermoplastic-foam castings: no millimetres but larger than one metre

Large housings and technical components can be excellently made using injection moulding on large injection-moulding machines. Think of machines from 750 tonnes. Our machinery largely comprises large machines, including a 750T, 800T, 1500T and 2100T injection moulding machine.

Irrespective of whether it concerns a small annual run (read: hundreds) or volumes of more than 10,000, we can handle it. But one does not immediately think of injection moulding when it concerns smaller annual volumes, the investments are just too high and the risks are greater. However, this does not apply to many customers who have already chosen to use this technique.

In many cases, moulds can be made from cheaper steel grades or aluminium and one can opt for an option involving additional finishing work (rather than placing expensive moving parts in a mould).

The alternative to making large injection-moulded parts is often a combination of making several parts that need to be assembled later. In that case the investment is lower, but the work involved is labour intensive and expensive.

Injection moulding and thermoplastic-foam casting offer unrivalled design freedom: besides creating 'design' surfaces, multiple functions can be integrated into the same product and diverse plastics can be used.

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