Injection moulding, TFC, coating and assembly of your plastic housings and technical components

Pekago: contract manufacturer for the industry

You want to leave your specialist work to the experts and concentrate on what you are good at. For this reason, Pekago is not just a supplier of injection-moulding components.

In fact, we would go as far as to call ourselves a contract manufacturer. Although our core activity has always been producing plastic injection-moulded components or TFC components, we actually are able to offer you anything within the scope of our capabilities. For example:

  • component assembly
  • adding purchased and manufactured components, such as inserts, screws, metal parts, sheet components, etc.
  • PCB assembly
  • the testing of electronics
  • painting and EMC-coating in an advanced lacquering line
  • providing print
  • packing for end customers
  • delivery to end customers or end users

Paperwork is also no stranger to us. Whether it concerns CoC documentation, test reports or traceability documents, we can supply it if you want it.

As a contract manufacturer we do it for you

As a contract manufacturer, we can supply complete construction packages, which can then be unpacked at the customer and assembled into the final product onsite.

Examples of complete construction packages are:

  • a housing for a parcel scanning system, fully lacquered, complete with inserts, EMC coating and gasket
  • housing components for an analyser finished with hinges, gas springs, a control panel and painted, assembled at the end customer's premises after installation
  • a housing for an operating table finished with lacquer, print, an infra-red housing and mounting inserts

Why opt for a contract manufacturer?

Unlike a company that purely focuses on injection moulding or TFC, a contract manufacturer can provide you with a full-service solution by assembling your products for you. For example, perhaps you are a specialist builder of operating tables? Then you will also want to have them assembled and will not want to have to worry about wasting time on the last screws of a housing. Or perhaps you build toll control systems? Then your main concern will be your high-tech cameras and you will be eager to have them placed in their housings after testing.

A good contract manufacturer will advise on the technology required for connecting certain components. Think of gluing, screwing, ultrasonic welding or melting.

Advantages of a contract manufacturer

Using a contract manufacturer has the following advantages:

  • We can supply complete construction packages (less in-house assembly work)
  • The responsibility associated with assembly lies with the supplier
  • Fewer suppliers (simpler purchasing process)
  • No need to employ own staff for non-core production processes
  • Bundled knowledge of materials, assembly methods and experience with other products

More information?

Please let us know about your new product(s). As an experienced system supplier, we are fully capable of offering you a full-service solution by relieving you of these burdensome tasks. Please contact us for more information. We stand ready and are eager to serve you!

Would you like to know more?

If you have any questions about materials, the injection moulding process or your specific product, feel free to contact us.

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