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Injection moulding

Injection moulding with high-tech and engineering plastics

Pekago has a range of automated injection moulding machines, with capacities up to 2100 tonnes and a maximum shot weight of 12500 grams.

These are all fitted out for the use of engineering plastics, high-performance polymers and transparent and fibre-reinforced materials. Overmoulding and metal inlay are naturally also among the possibilities.

The machinery is customised for medium-sized series, high complexity and a great diversity of materials. Mould cooling and material pre-treatment can be controlled individually for each machine.


We have a lot of experience with materials for:

  • The aviation industry, including high-performance plastics such as PEI and PES
  • The medical industry, including optical products (white and transparent) and products that meet specific fire-retardant requirements (V0)
  • Transparent optical products
  • Technical components (technical and high performance plastics)

Typical products and applications:

  • Aircraft interior furnishings
  • Housings for technical and medical equipment
  • Analytical equipment housings
  • Homecare products
  • Chassis components for technical equipment
  • Parts for vending machines

Typical materials:

  • ABS (Cycolac, Terluran)
  • ASA (Geloy, Luran)
  • PC (Lexan, Makrolon)
  • PC/ABS (Bayblend, Cycoloy, Mablex)
  • PC/ASA (Geloy, Luran)
  • PA (Akulon, Durethan, Vestamid, Ultramid)
  • PA/ABS (Terblend)
  • HIPS (Styrolution, Total)
  • POM (Hostaform, Kepital)
  • PES (Ultrason)
  • PEI (Ultem)
  • PPS (Fortron, Ryton)
  • PBT (Pocan, Statkon, Valox)
  • TPE (Cawiton)