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Surveillance visit confirms continuation of AS 9100

Lloyds logo AS9100 grijze achtergrond 175x85.jpg10 nov 2020

Lloyd's Register Quality Assurance (LRQA) informed us, at the end of October, that we can continue our AS 9100 certification. We have reached this milestone and have also been able to further optimise our processes.

As an injection moulder for the aerospace industry, we face enormous challenges, but we are able to meet the high expectations in this industry.

In the same week as the Lloyd's visit, we received confirmation from one of our largest aviation customers that we can start working on the moulds for new aircraft parts. This is a special assignment at a time when the aviation industry is in dire straits.

AS 9100 will continue where ISO 9001 ends: it guarantees an effective quality system. Not only aviation customers benefit from this standard; our customers in medical technology and industrial equipment also draw benefit from this increasingly stringent certification.

You can download our AS 9100 certificate from our website at any time.

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