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Measures relating to the Corona-virus

Virus met tekst UK v2.png06 jan 2022

Update 06-01-2021 | All activities at Pekago, including production and mould making, have been continuing during the Covid-19 pandemic. The measures taken by the Dutch government have not harmfully affected our business continuity so far.

As in many regions around the world, at the moment the number of Covid-19-infections are rising in the Netherlands. Therefore, mid December new measures have been issued by te Dutch government. We will follow these measures strictly. However, we do not expect the measures to have an impact on daily business.

Should you wish to visit Pekago, please inquire after the posibilities.

Starting in March 2020, Pekago has taken a variety of measures in order to prevent the spread of the Corona-virus and to continue production. This includes:

  • rescheduling of face to face meetings with suppliers, customers and other parties
  • office workers working from home
  • hygienic measures, including hand washing protocols, prevention of touching surfaces by the same people, keeping the number of meetings to an absolute minimum and keeping distance
  • communicate digitally where possible (including Skype-sessions, e-mail and telephone)
  • Keeping in close contact with our suppliers in regard to raw material supply
  • Make sure workers which are suspected to be ill go home

Furthermore, we are following the news and respect decisions taken by our government. Please feel free to call or e-mail us for more information.

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