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Structural foam moulding, or low-pressure injection moulding, is our speciality par excellence. Due to the low pressure used in this process, economical moulds can be used.

The process provides considerably more flexibility in the shape of the moulded component than injection moulding. Wall thicknesses of up to 40 mm are possible and local wall thickness differences can be achieved without collapse.

This makes it possible to fulfil requirements for stiffness, shape and detailing in a single self-supporting element. It is an interesting alternative to options such as metal housings and frames.

A big advantage of SFM is that rigidity, design and details can be integrated into one independent component. This saves on high assembly costs and forms an interesting alternative to other frames and metal housings made from sheet metal.

Pekago has a range of automated injection moulding machines suited for SFM, with capacities up to 2100 tonnes and a maximum shot weight of 12500 grams.

Typical products and applications:

  • Technical and medical equipment housings
  • Chassis components for technical equipment
  • Vending machine components
  • Specialties (e.g. a feed tray and a wind turbine)

Typical materials:

  • ABS (Cycolac, Terluran)
  • HIPS (Styrolution, Total)
  • PC (Lexan, MakroloN)
  • ASA (Geloy, Luran)
  • PC/ASA (Geloy, Luran)

Fillers such as glass, talc, minerals and steel fibres can be used with SFM without any problem.

We will gladly discuss the most suitable material for your product.