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Project Management

Project management: costs, progress and quality management

Through a structured development process that includes phased release milestones, we ensure that the function of the product as well as quality, costs and lead time during the project are manageable and transparent. The list of requirements , which we prepare in consultation with you, serves as the basis.

Depending on the extent of our involvement during engineering, this list can vary froman extensive list of functional requirements and preconditions to a brief summary of material and processing choices. If necessary, FMEA analyses are performed to identify critical requirements and preconditions.

The progress of the project in relation to the objectives is presented at regular intervals in a clear report. This allows the customer to maintain continuous oversight of the costs and schedule throughout the entire course of the project and to intervene and make corrections at anytime. You communicate directly with a dedicated project manager, who all the way through the release for series production is your point of contact.