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Medication box demonstrates full potential of Pekago
The dispensing of medicines is an important part of the daily routine in hospitals. The safety of this dispensing, in particular, is frequently discussed on the wards. It’s about the right patient getting the right medication, in the right quantity and at the right time... and that’s where it often goes wrong. Alphatron, a supplier of medical solutions, such as the AMiS (Alphatron Mobile intelligent careStation) medical trolley, noticed that a good, lockable, electronically-protected medication module was high on the wish list of nursing staff.

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Everything for tube feeding in an 'ordinary' backpack
People often think that patients requiring tube feeding are restricted to their beds, but this is not so in many cases. These patients are up and about and want to live their lives as normally as possible. With this in mind, Nutricia Advanced Medical Nutrition recently launched an updated version of its system that makes this group of patients more mobile. The system was developed in close collaboration with Pekago. ‘Some of the test subjects who tried them liked them so much that they didn’t want to give them back,’ says Sencha van Kinderen at Nutricia.

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Development and production of plastic housings covered
Making plastic housings and technical components is one thing. Developing them based on a schedule of requirements, such that the product optimally satisfies the customer’s functional and cost price objectives is another. Especially if one takes responsibility for their functionality. Pekago in Goirle does not shrink from this challenge. ‘Integrating design and function into makeable products, which we subsequently manufacture as cost-efficiently as possible; our whole business concept is geared to this.’ 

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