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Markets and Projects

Products from high-tech plastics for industrial applications

Pekago focuses exclusively on industrial machine construction and serves the business-to-business markets. The product applications are often capital equipment with medium sales quantities throughout the life cycle. 

Consequently, cost of ownership, integration of design, function and manufacturability are all critical success factors. We therefore develop new products on a project basis within our own engineering department. Examples of projects undertaken for customers in various markets are provided below.

Aircraft Interiors | weight reduction, safety and high rigidity
Pekago develops and injection moulds lightweight interior parts for multiple programs in the aircraft industry.
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Medical devices | safe and reliable plastic components
Wide ranging differentiation in the equipment used by the many medical specialisations sets high requirements for the process of designing medical devices. Integration of design, function and load resistance demands considerable knowledge of materials, international regulations and design reliability.
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Industrial Vehicles | high-tech plastic components and housings
In the industrial vehicles market, operating conditions are usually harsh. In addition, safety is an important factor. Vibrations, extremes of temperature and heavy mechanical loads present serious design challenges. 
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Industrial Equipment | made of high quality plastics
The industrial equipment is distinguished by many niche markets: vending, cooling & heating, climate control, offshore, etc. This diverse array of handheld, tabletop and freestanding equipment is often exposed to a combination of loads that, in many cases, place high demands on mechanical, chemical and thermal resistance.
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