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Development, engineering and production of plastic parts involve numerous technical and economical aspects. These range from freedom of design, materials and technologies to investments and business cases. Modularity and the associated flexibility are also frequently important.

Pekago: supplier of knowledge about plastic and plastic processing
Pekago, with its practical knowledge and experience of the application of an extensive range of mould and plastic processing technologies, is your ideal partner when it comes to the integration of design, function and manufacturability. Not only are our advices unconstrained by dependence on specific technologies (we have access to a number of processing and tooling technologies), we also realise that creativity and innovation make the difference and that we have to provide certainty.


Cost Reduction Scan
Why perform a cost reduction scan?

Total cost of ownership forms the common denominator within our product development and engineering processes. Successful integration of design, function and marketability and the realisation of cost targets are our core specialities. 

Project Management
Through a structured development process that includes phased release milestones, we ensure that the function of the product as well as quality, costs and lead time during the project are manageable and transparent. The list of requirements , which we prepare in consultation with you, serves as the basis.

The conditions that housings and technical components are subjected to in various machine applications vary widely. Various specific requirements are established for stiffness and impact resistance, for chemical and thermal resistance and for scratch resistance.
In device construction, various norms and standards apply. The CE marking is very familiar, but compliance with standards established by American authorities such as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and UL (Underwriters Laboratories) are also often mandatory in order to obtain permission to sell the product in North America.