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Lower costs by applying new plastic technology

Our mission is clear: we are convinced that innovation provides an advantage. Our business approach is therefore based on three pillars: commitment, flexibility and unburdening customers of their worries. 

Research and close collaboration with knowledge institutes and suppliers are an integral part of our activities. More freedom of design, more efficient and effective processes and improved durability: Pekago invests continuously with the goal of minimising the total costs throughout the life cycle of a product.

Gas-assisted production (GAIM)
Pekago is currently investigating the possibilities of using hybrid gas-assisted processes to improve the design advantages of SFM and to eliminate the coating or reduce the required pre-processing. 

ISO 13485
ISO 13485:2003 is an international standard pertaining to medical devices. This standard specifies requirements for a comprehensive management system for design, development, engineering and production of (parts of) medical equipment and devices. Pekago has been certificied according to ISO 13485:2003 since June 27, 2011.