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Moulds, injection-moulding, SFM and finishing under one roof

The technologies to be used are chosen in the design phase. Pekago recommends using various machining and processing techniques for plastics. A combination of structural foam moulding (SFM) and milling operations can result in cost-savings.

Mould and production costs, standing time, flexibility and freedom of design differ considerably for each technology. Our broad experience with mould fabrication, injection-moulding and SFM, as well with diverse finishing processes (e.g. machining, painting and ultrasonic welding), means we can offer you very cost-efficient solutions.

The practical knowledge also provides confidence during engineering and final development: effective integration of design, function and manufacturability leads to a short time-to-market and integrated production quality assurance.

Moulds are fabricated both in-house and by permanent partners in Asia. The choice is made in consultation with you on the basis of possible cost advantages, lead time and protection of intellectual property rights.

Sourcing of moulds
Over the past years Pekago has developed close collaborations with permanent partners for engineering, mould fabrication, production and assembly.

Injection moulding
Pekago has a range of automated injection moulding machines, with capacities up to 2100 tonnes and a maximum shot weight of 12500 grams. These are all fitted out for the use of engineering plastics, high-performance polymers and transparent and fibre-reinforced materials. Overmoulding and metal inlay are naturally also among the possibilities.

Structural foam moulding, or low-pressure injection moulding, is our speciality par excellence. Due to the low pressure used in this process, economical moulds can be used. The process provides considerably more flexibility in the shape of the moulded component than injection moulding. Wall thicknesses of up to 40 mm are possible and local wall thickness differences can be achieved without collapse.

Processing technologies
For finishing and processing, Pekago offers a wide range of possibilities under one roof: